Bouncing balls turn into music

Arpie is the novel musical composition system. Put balls as many as you like, and watch as they make nice music. Higher balls hit the keys with long pauses, as opposed to lower balls which hit fast and repeatedly. By combining them you can easily make a wide variety of musical sequences.

Arpie (アルピー)は誰でも簡単に楽しめる音楽アプリです。操作方法は簡単、画面をタッチしてボールを置くだけ。跳ね回るボールが素敵な音楽を奏でるのを楽しんでください。高いボールは長い間隔で、低いボールは短い間隔でキーを叩きます。これらを組み合わせることで様々なリズムを作り出すことができます。

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